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    Taleggio DOP 280g


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    Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet.



    The crust is washed, it presents the grooves of the racks on which it was placed in situ. It has a morkey and is orange-red in color with gray molds. The paste is moist, soft, oily, sometimes quite crumbly in the center of the cheese and creamed in the subcrust, due to the centripetal maturation determined by the washed crust. The color is white or straw. The eyelet may not be present or it is fine, sparse, unevenly distributed.

    Its history is closely linked to val Taleggio, from which it takes its name, but over time its production has expanded into a very large territory that includes a large part of Lombardy, Piedmont and the province of Treviso, in Veneto. Vacuum dry the product, with washed crust, because it undergoes a treatment, during seasoning, which involves sponges of water and salt. Aromatic intensities and medium high odors.

    Wines: The Taleggio goes well with a wine that lets the most intense character of the cheese be expressed to the maximum. To counteract fatness, it is better to opt for bubbles, while to dry the succulence we recommend a wine that has strong tannic notes. The best turns out to be a sweet, fragrant, slightly sparkling and young red, sour but not unripe. We then suggest a dry Lambrusco, or a Pinot Noir.



    Table cheese, it is found as an ingredient in many Italian and international recipes.

    Table cheese, it is found as an ingredient in many Italian and international recipes.
    With mustard: A pleasant contrast is created between the softness and creaminess of Taleggio and the sweet/spicy taste of the fruit of the Mostarda.

    With the polenta of yellow flour: A hot and steaming polenta represents an ideal bed on which to lay the Taleggio which with the heat creates an enveloping softness on the polenta giving rise to a perfect marriage. Furthermore, the delicate taste of the polenta gives way to the flavor and aroma of Taleggio.

    With jams and honey: For shorter maturations, wildflower honey or orange or mandarin marmalade can be well combined, which have a slightly sour taste typical of citrus fruits, accompanied by the sweetness of sugar that together create a balanced contrast in the mouth, which enhances the characteristics of the cheese without prevarication. For a longer maturation, which has a stronger and sometimes almost pungent flavor compared to a younger Taleggio, we happily combine chestnut honey which has a bitter taste and an intense and penetrating aroma. As for jams, a new and original combination that goes nicely with Taleggio is green tomato jam. Even plum jam allows you to obtain a good balance of flavors in the mouth with Taleggio.

    With fresh fruit: In particular grapes and pears, as the juiciness of these fruits enhances the softness and the strong and aromatic taste of Taleggio, which reciprocates by accentuating the aromas of fresh fruit.

    With dried fruit: The combination of cheese and dried fruit is a classic, and Taleggio also does not escape this culinary indication; then walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds contrast with their crunchiness and roundness of flavor the softness and savory notes of Taleggio.

    With all vegetables, and some in particular: radicchio, mushrooms, pumpkin, potatoes, courgettes are classic combinations that can be found in the kitchen together with Taleggio to make soft and creamy risottos, quiches, tarte tatin, appetizers, pizzas. If you want to combine Taleggio with raw vegetables, we recommend especially tomatoes seasoned with basil, as the slightly acidic taste of the tomatoes and the fresh basil contrast with the sweetness and enveloping creaminess of Taleggio.