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    Fantolino Free-Range Large Eggs X6


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    Free-range fresh eggs



    The Fantolino Delicate Extrafresche are eggs to be considered extra fresh until the second day after laying. From the tenth day until the twenty-ninth day, they can be safely consumed and are considered fresh.
    Eggs with a particularly delicate taste, laid by hens raised on the ground in ideal environments to guarantee their well-being.

    Consumer information: It is good practice to keep eggs in the refrigerator after purchase, better in their packaging or in another container than uncovered, so as to prevent eggs from absorbing unpleasant odors. Once broken, they must be used immediately.



    In the Fantolino company the first goal is "happy hens", free to move and fed with selected foods. "We at Fantolino are very sensitive to animal welfare. In fact, since 2013 we no longer breed caged hens. Well-being is generally understood to mean "the quality of life as perceived by the individual animal".

    The well-being of hens includes not only the physical health of the animal, but also the psychological health and the ability to express one's natural behaviors.



    Franco, Gabriella Fantolino's father, loved chickens very much since he was a child.
    In the 1970s, he lived in Turin, and then, determined to follow his passion, changed his life and left the city. He took the family with him to the greenery of Fiano, in the province of Turin and began his activity with a small number of hens.

    Fiano was the first farm, which over time has been constantly expanded and improved from a technological point of view, with the aim of obtaining a genuine product respecting animal welfare. Today Fantolino has a modern and efficient land breeding, able to ensure the correct compliance with the rules on the welfare of their hens.
    Here, they have fresh running water and nests for spawning, with the possibility of moving freely within special equipped spaces.

    In addition, near Fiano, in the municipality of Venaria Reale (TO), the city that houses the famous Palace, there is an organic farm. In this case the hens are fed from organic farming and have outdoor "parchetti" in which they can rocket freely.
    In addition to the farms of Fiano and Venaria Reale, we have other farms on the land, outdoors and organic farming, in Piedmont, to always guarantee the highest quality.